Where: SoundVine Studios
When: Saturday, January 12, 10am-2pm
Cost: $100
Class size maximum: 8

Audiobooks are all the rage and production is growing in leaps and bounds. Whether you’re already an audiobook narrator who’d like to learn more or a voiceover artist/actor who is ready to dive in to long-form narration, this class will help you build skills in pacing, creating characters, improving stamina, and connecting with the text. This class is taught by two audiobook producers who love casting, direction, and coffee. The last one is every producer’s secret weapon.

What you can expect:

  1. Small class size and plenty of personal attention
  2. Lots of time in the booth and on mic
  3. Direction, feedback, and insight from two audiobook producers
  4. Answers to common (and uncommon!) questions

Iris McElroy is a producer with HarperAudio and is thrilled to be teaching again! A self diagnosed audiophile, she digs anything sound related. So when she’s not reading scripts and casting books, she’s listening to all the things—podcasts, music, audiobooks, audio plays, tunnel reverb, weird sounds on the street, etc. Currently seeking nonaudio related hobbies.

Beth Hicks is the Audiobook Production Manager at Abrams, a voiceover artist, and a guided meditation teacher. She likes telling stories, soothing people with her voice, and making eye contact with dogs on the streets of New York. When she isn’t directing a session or sending a polite but firm email to an actor, she spends time at her local yoga studio failing miserably at headstand.